R2000 360º FOV 10m range Laserscanner

R2000 is a new addition of indoor laserscanner which we offer. The R2000 stands out from other because it is a full 360º FOV. That means there are no hidden spots left and one laserscanner can be used for applicaition where full 360º coverage is required. The laserscanner provides a 10m without reflectors and 30m with reflectors range. The laserscanner can be easily configured with the help of provided software in which different fields (4) can be configured for monitoring. The R2000 2d laserscanner provides a whopping 0.014 accuracy. This means that it can detect very small distortions and provide large pointclouds for detailed maps. R2000 is IP65 and for indoor environments and can be used for AGVs and indoor factory automation and robotics UGV projects.